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September 17, 2012
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TBWAU: Anju Miyabi by CookieNya TBWAU: Anju Miyabi by CookieNya
Ahaha~ look at me making another app when i said i would only join one new group~ :iconimsotiredplz: sorry i got tempted okay..? :iconsopsplz: for :iconthebigworldaroundus: pfft...hope i get in :iconlazycryplz:

i need to re-do this app again if i ever get a chance to :iconsopsplz: she looks so derp //CRAI


Anju Miyabi

Class occupation:

Digger :iconsaluteplz: (but calls herself a Treasure Hunter)



-Tends to be a klutz and ends up hurting herself
-Protective about her pet, Meg
-Doesn't take things seriously a lot
-When she gets too nervous or when you get too close to her, she'll hit you

-Gems, jewlery, pretty much anything shiny
-Stars (thinks that they are the brightest thing in the world)

-People getting to close to her
-Accidently hurting someone
-Someone hurting or scaring Meg

Favorite food:





Anju is a very alert woman who notices what's happening around her when it comes to how people is feeling or what people is doing. She either chooses to catch that person in act or just do nothing about it and ask them why they did this and that later on.

She is very clueless to the point that she thinks no one is talking to her or about her if she ever gets compliments. But this is only because she doesn't take people seriously for what they say and act like serious things aren't really a big deal. This can also often lead her to be a rude person, but she's just very blunt about what she says.

Very shy and nervous when people go close to her, because she's just not used to human contact yet and has a very hard time with communicating with people. So she becomes very distant. She tries her best to be more social but gets very troubled when she thinks about it.

Hardworking when it comes to work...maybe a little too hardworking. She focuses on work more than she focuses on trying to be friends with people, she says work keeps you going in life. Very eager about finding new shiny things, and doesn't even care if she works with a fever.

-Punching like a man //kicked
-Ignoring people
-Noticing people's reactions, actions, and feelings


When Anju was little her parents kept forcing her to become a farmer thinking it would be better to think about people's hunger. But Anju was too addicted to treasure and ditched her farming tutorials and only went out of her house to try to find treasure. When she found her first treasure, a Opal, she decided that she wanted to be a Digger when she grows up. Sadly, her family denied and kept trying to change her ways so she could become a farmer. It failed and ended up making her run away from home.

Determined and grown up Anju then lived by herself in a small house and took on the job as a Digger. As time passed though she never communicated with anybody except for her pet Meg. Anju completely ignored it and kept on working, thinking that she might not meet anyone anytime sooner. Little did she know that there would be people who she would encounter soon.

Additional Info:
-Keeps all her tools and founded treasure in her big bag
-She carries a lot of bandages and medic stuff because she always seems to hurt herself as she works
-Not really a decent digger around..but tries her best to become the best!
-Wears her Opal as a choker
-Favorite drink is milk
-Thinks that people are talking about Meg instead of her most of the time
-Carries around Meg with her all the time
-when its cold or when she's traveling she wears a over coat over what she wears (upper left corner)
- voice: [link]



Meg (Backwards for Gem)


Meg is very responsible for a rabbit. He sees Anju as a daughter to him even though Anju sees him as a son to her. Makes sure he try to help just a little bit even though Anju likes doing most of the work. Makes sure that Anju is safe and okay and helps her out with bandaging her whenever she gets hurt.

Easily jealous at any man who gets close to Anju, too bad his only attack is to bite when it only feels like a tiny nibble. He really hates it when people seem to think of him as a FEMALE rabbit because of his name, he respects Anju's idea about how his name really is but enduring such a misunderstanding can be really troublesome.


-Meg's ears are like wings, so he can fly~


-wears a bag that can only carry one gem

How Meg and Anju met:

Anju's first encounter with people after she left home was right when she met Meg. Meg's kind abandoned him when a bunch of people came in to capture and cook them. When Anju saw Meg she thought that he was a rare species and protected Meg from the people, saying that Meg was her treasure, and took him with her and escaped from the them. Meg has been trying to repay Anju for saving him ever since.
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