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Mekaku-city: Freya, Lee by CookieNya Mekaku-city: Freya, Lee by CookieNya

:iconmekaku-city: ...Such a simple OC design LOL

Got in! Rp methods: chatroom or notes


"....L i a r."

❥ Name:

Freya, Lee

❥ Age: 16

❥ Date of Birth: November 1st

❥ Height: 5'4"
❥ Weight: 60 kg
❥ Sexual Preference: Straight
❥ Eye power: Stealing Eyes
❥ Personality:

Stoic l Slow-paced l Gullible l Low self-esteem l Unintentionally straight forward

Due to terrible social experiences in the past, Freya is rather reserved towards people. She has a hard time speaking honestly of her thoughts and when she does it could be misunderstood as her being mean or arrogant because she seems too forward on people. Despite her quiet and seemingly shy traits, the word 'gentle' and 'kind' does not fit her very well. If you ask her what her honest opinion is on someone she'll unintentionally throw daggers of words at them. It's not like she wants to hurt people's feelings, she just doesn't know how to 'go easy' on people. But don't be discouraged! Freya welcomes conversations very much due to the fact she doesn't have them as often. So she enjoys people's just doesn't 'look' like it from her facial expressions.

Keeps her own slow pace and doesn't mind listening to people babbling about for hours and hours. Has lots of patience and tolerance even if people would assume that she would get angry/annoyed at them easily. Very sensitive and if too much is going on at once and she gets confused or scared, she won't be able to handle her power very well. She calls this a 'panic attack.' Freya also has a really low self-esteem also because of terrible experiences in her past and falls for anything unless she uses her power to tell what they really mean. This hinders from being able to open up to people on talking about herself.
❥ Biography:

"T a t t l e t a l e!"

'Freya the Tattletaler' the kids chanted.

That was the name they gave her after she told the teacher that they snuck outside of school grounds. But all Freya wanted to do was keep them safe.

"You just want to be teacher's pet!"

"Snitcher! Snitcher!"

"Freya the Tattletaler!"

After that, they started to pull tricks on her. Out of no where she couldn't tell whether she would be attacked in lunch, during class, or after school. It scared her..not knowing their intentions beforehand. Month after month she would walk into their traps and pranks. If she knew what they were thinking..she could avoid any harm done to her!

They were all fun and games. While Freya on the other hand took on law and rules very seriously. So she was an easy target, as she always followed a uniformed pattern in her daily life. Her strict parents taught her that, without rules to follow people would go mad.

And that is what happened.

During recess the children who usually bullied her and called her named went up to her desk. And offered her to play with them by the river. That was outside of school grounds but...month after month, Freya now only wanted to fit in and not get called a tattletaler anymore.

[ Maybe they want to be my friend now ] She thought....and thought wrong. She could never tell what they were planning to do. It wasn' she was able to read their minds.

Once they got there, they dared her to find a serpent, a beast that was being rumored of around the school for some time now. The story was that a serpent was lurking around the river. Hungry for children. And kidnaps them every week. Freya didn't believe there was such a thing she decided to check it out and tell them she couldn't find it after a while. No harm done right?

Once she leaned into the river, to prove to the bullies that she is getting a good look-- [ Push! ] As she fell in, all she saw was sneers and smirks on the kid's faces. Quickly the view was blurry due to the water covering her vision.


The girl knew that voice, it was their teacher. That adult..was the only adult that was ever nice to her. She would come comfort her everyday after Freya got bullied--

The next thing she knew..They were both in the river. She never knew how powerful the currents were until then. It was a matter of time when she woke up in the hospital. Freya was there...but not her teacher.

Ever since the funeral, the kids did not speak to her. And nor did Freya speak to them. All the adults even assumed that this was an 'accident' instead of putting the blame on the bullies. Going to school was even more painful than before.

If only she knew what would happen. If only she saw through their plans and intentions. Then her only friend would still be alive today.

On the day she went back to school from her recovery. She heard noises.

[ It's her. ] [ That poor girl...I feel so bad for her. ] [ Hmpf! If she died we wouldn't have gotten in trouble! ] [ What a gullible brat. ]

The girl thought this was a curse from her teacher for not following the rules. As she grew up she began to understand that those voices were from their heads after commenting on something her parents were thinking of. She hated it. It was torture. But this was her wish to know what people's intentions were, right? Freya started to feel regretful of the wish that was granted to her. Hearing about people's personal thoughts, their comments, their slanders, their secrets, this was more than what she wanted.

As she got older she trained herself to keep a clear mind...but she knew in some events when she got stressed and panicked she couldn't keep in-control of her powers. That is when she called those moments 'panic attacks.'

Age 16, she was on her way home. And there was a few suspicious men that she was about to pass by...the girl felt really uncomfortable. Thus the red glow of her eyes appeared. She then ran away from them as fast as she could. Scared and frightened by the things they had thought about. The things they had planned to do to her if she had taken one more step forward to them.

Freya bumped into someone...a member of an organization. They caught a glimpse of her eyes and was taken aback. Without even asking her who she is-- the first thing they did was give her a new 'home' to be in and a chance to find a reason of why she was given such a cursed power...and last, hope.

The Mekakushi Dan

❥ Likes/Dislikes:

+ Comfortable clothing
+ Books
+ Quiet places
+ Horrific stuff (ghosts, spiders, etc.)
+ Warmth

- The cold
- Crowded places
- Hectic environments
- Bullies
- Panic attacks
❥ Misc:
- Hair is like bird hair-- gets easily messy even if you pat her head.
- Seems to be very outgoing around horror related things
- It's hard for her to smile without looking scary or awkward
- Has a really fragile body
- Reads a book once a week
- Doesn't often pay attention to recent medias and entertainment
- Does not have a cellphone, computer, or cable TV

❥ Relationships:

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